How to Create an Account

Welcome! 👋

This section will walk you through a few critical setup steps to help get you started and ensure you are up and running with lulafit in no time.

Fitness Center Membership 🚴

If you're part of a building that has a fitness center, ensure you select the "Become a member" button on your designated fitness center website provided by your internal people team.

  1. Within the signup flow, select Let's get started.
  2. Enter your organization by typing it in the text field.
    1. If you do not see your organization, tick the checkbox next to "I don't see my organization".
  3. Click Continue to memberships.
  4. Select Subscribe next to the membership you'd like to join.
  5. Create your account by entering the email address you'd like to proceed with and creating a password.
    1. This will be your email address and password to log into the app.
  6. Click Continue to purchase.
  7. Next, at the checkout page provided by Stripe, you'll need to enter your payment information and have the opportunity to add additional services (optional and varies by location).
  8. Once you click on Subscribe, you're all set and can log in on the mobile app using the credentials you just created.

    📱 Make sure to download the app from the relevant app store by either opening this link or searching for 'Lulafit' in the search bar of your app store, and start your journey towards wellness.

Lulafit App-Only Access 📱

This does not apply to users who obtain lulafit app access through their fitness center membership.

If you're part of an organization offering the lulafit app, download the app to your mobile device and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Select Create an account.
  2. Enter your email address, then create and confirm a password.
  3. Select Sign up.
  4. Enter the code provided by your organization.

    ⚠️ This code is typically provided by your administrator or HR/People team via digital communications.

  5. Select Verify.
  6. Enter your personal information and proceed by selecting Complete sign up.
    • Congratulations on signing up! Once in the app, to get the most out of your experience, check out Today's short (video on the home page) and explore our extensive library throughout the Move, Mediate, and Eat tabs.

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